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You have the right to a safe and clean environment. That’s why we keep things as straightforward and stress free as possible. Locally owned and operated, Superior Waste Solutions has residential, commercial, and industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste solutions. Plus, we’re there when you need us. Talk to a real person, right now and let us handle the dirty work.

Container Rentals Beaumont, Tx


Delivered on time right to your site with no hidden fees. Need more than a container? Combine our container rental and waste hauling services for an all-in-one package.   

Superior Waste Solutions rents out dumpsters and trash boxes sized from 20–40 yards, and we have 20-yard covered containers and 25-yard roll-tarp containers. Job a little smaller? Rent out a 5-yard hopper. You can rent short-term or long-term, and you can combine our rental and hauling services if you need to. 

Superior Waste Solutions The Golden Triangle


Our guys know the Greater Houston Area like the back of their hands and are committed to improving the Golden Triangle’s residential, commercial, and industrial waste management practices. 


​For when you don’t have much to work with, rent out a 5-yard hopper. Hoppers protect waste against the elements and potential pests while maximizing odor control for quick, easy, and simple on-site trash maintenance. We deliver right to your site and can work with your team to schedule trash collection when you need it. With versatile rental period options, you can hang onto these dumpsters for as long as you need.

Covered Containers

​Looking for a little more durability on your job sites? We have 20-yard covered containers ready to roll-off and deliver. Keep your waste protected from the elements with our covered container rentals. You can rent these out for any period, from 1 day to forever. Covered trash boxes are more durable than roll-tarp containers but are just as easy to use and get the same job done. 

Roll-tarp Containers

​Our roll-tarp trash boxes have 25 cubic yard capacity and keep your waste covered while you finish the job. Opening and closing the roll tarp is as easy as rolling up to your mom’s house and requires less time to open than our traditional covered dumpsters. Our roll tarp containers have extra secure reinforced grommets for leak-proof, efficient waste protection solutions. Same as all our rental services, you can rent them anywhere, anytime, for as long as you need ‘em. 

streamlined custom billing


We know how your customer billing portals work, so we can automate associated invoices and provide combined billing reconciliation.

Portable Toilet Rentals near me


We offer short and long-term porta-potty rentals with 24/7 on-site delivery, and we service our portable toilets up to 2 times per day with top-of-the-line Walex cleaning chemicals. 


We provide short- and long-term dumpster and trash box rentals sized from 20–40 yards with cover options, and 5-yard hoppers for smaller jobs.  

construction site disposal rentals
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